About Me
Win Kang is an innovative and creative professional with a wide range of interests and background with a storytellerís mind and a keen eye for social trends. A lover of films and geek culture, he is an artist seeking to further his craft and encourage new ideas to sprout.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Win came to the U.S. when he was 7. He steadily grew to love cartoons, comics, and film. He graduated from UC Irvine, pursuing digital art. He soon got involved in video games, doing graphics for Activiision and EA, mostly in 3-D. Meanwhile, to keep himself more creative, he also got into concept illustration, graphic design, and web design. Currently, he is looking for a good middleground where he can seamlessly merge the technical and the creative. As a hobby on the side, he writes about his favorite films once or twice a month on Examiner.com, he is a Yelp Elite, and has a comic out in ebook format.

Clients or Projects I have worked with:

Accolades on some of my Work:

"If you're looking for the most fun in Internet poker, look no further than the first
fully immersive, 3D graphics-intensive online poker experience--PJPoker.com"
-- Joe Lang (8/2006), POKER PRO Magazine (regarding PJ Poker)

"The Tampa skatepark is...a classic THPS skatepark - lots of great terrain...undoubtedly the best of the THPS2x levels..."
-- Shawn Rider (11/29/2001), Gamesfirst.com

"Vertiginously planned and damned frightening to skate on... The Detroit Rooftop level
is now firmly my favorite and a multiplayer fave in the office, too."
-- Frank O'Connor, Official Xbox Magazine (Dec. 2001)

"Rooftops of Detroit [is] the best of the lot."
-- Funkadelic, Wiredlounge.com

"The best level in the entire game is the Rooftops, which is the 4th level in the THPS2x career."
-- Scot (April 4, 2002) Xboxevolved.com

"[Rooftop] is one remarkable level.. [has] one of the best halfpipes in the whole game...
every detail [of Tampa] is the same which will blow you away if you ever visited the park in person."
-- XBOX CODEBOOK (Game Guide 2002)

The five new levels (night club, construction site, skatepark, subway, and rooftops), though fresh,
are not particularly well suited for skating--save for the new skatepark level, modeled after a real skatepark in Tampa.
-- Cliff O'Neill (12/28/01), Sports Gaming Network

"Meltdown [is] original and require more than just your basic gameplay knowledge...the radiation level area was just plain neat."
-- Doug Perry, IGN (regarding World is Not Enough)